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Skull Set (Top & Bottoms)

SKU: 118

ᅠAhoy Matey!ᅠ The skull is back and this one has got his trademark bandana!ᅠ We also do this set with the skull and bones, All stars, All hearts.ᅠ We can add crystals all over if you choose. This is the most fun we have had in a while. Yet another really popular item!ᅠ (Below you will find the option to add crystals to this set. We here at Sparkelize will add the matching/complimenting crystal choice to whatever skull paint choices you have chosen---if for some reason you choose yellow and purple skulls and you want fuchsia and blue crystals call us and let us know you want to totally change it up,ᅠother wise if you choose pink and black skulls as shown on our model, we will add pink/fuchsia/black crystals as shown on our model's top!)

Price: $60.00