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As seen in the 8/7/06 issue of US Weekly Magazine!
This is the super sexy STARᅠtop.ᅠ You don't get sexier than this!ᅠ You can have it done in your name or a choice offered below!ᅠ You decide what you want YOUR shirt to say, we do all the work!ᅠThe shirt is priced as shown with tons of Crystals.ᅠ We only use the best crystals, baby!ᅠ We will be offering the shirt without crystals for 50.00 us currency!ᅠ Blingy is better, though.ᅠ (Shirt is shadowed around text with same color paint and will be for effect for all orders-remember that black shirts will only be airbrushed with METALLIC paint)

Price: $120.00