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ᅠᅠᅠ Plain has no stones, The Bride with some bling has approximately 60 stones and the totally blinged out bride has 110 stones-all crystals!!!ᅠ You can define your bride below! All shown in Metallic/pearly ocean blue. ᅠPerfect for the newly engaged bride until she is married for a few years!!!ᅠ Then you can remain wearing this shirt or get another that says, "Wife","Boss" orᅠ "Mrs. ----" Your choices are always endless and oh so creative and colorful here at SPARKELIZE!ᅠ These shirts are great when you add the whole wedding party....we do Mother Of The Bride, Mother Of The Groom, Flower Girl, Matron Of Honor, Maid of Honor, Momma of The Bride, The Brides Mom, The Grooms Mom, Sister of the Bride, The Cousin Of the Bride, Future Mrs. ---, ᅠGirls, your choices are endless....Bachelorette, Bachelorette Party w/date, etc.ᅠ We give discounts to orders of 4 shirts or more.ᅠ Call us we work with you to create the colors, names, personalized shirt/gifts for your wedding party.....It's your year, it's your day, it's your life...WE do what YOU want! Congratulations!

Price: $45.00